Chameleon Visualization Software

Supplied with every sensor system at no additional cost, Chameleon is a full-featured, intuitive visualization software that makes it easy to view, analyze, and export your data.

Visualize your data in an extensive variety of customizable heat-map and graph displays (Line Trace, 2D Heat-Map, 3D Heat-Map, Mesh plots, and more). Captured data can be analyzed in any visualization format, screen-recorded for easy team sharing, and exported for use in programs like Excel®, MATLAB®, and Mathcad®.


  • Interface with multiple PPS systems simultaneously

  • Easy recording, annotating and editing of pressure mapping data

  • Capture synchronized video to link actions with analytical data

  • Analyze data in real-time, including average, max and center-of-pressure tracking

  • View sensor data as a 3D color map of the actual shape

  • Export data in ASCII format for use in programs such as Excel®, MATLAB® and Mathcad®

  • Develop Windows applications using our simple API

Latest Updates:

  • Improved video processing and resolution

  • View real-time data with multiple pressure visualization tools

  • Customize data export settings

  • Improved control over recording length and speed

  • Enhanced experiment annotations capabilities

  • Auto-save and recovery to avoid data loss

  • Print data, export as images, and copy-to-clipboard for more seamless integration with other applications

  • Tool tips and improved help functionality

3D_Displays (1)_1 (1).gif

Sensor Mapping

Easily map your data across multiple sensors

Your tactile sensor could have as little as four or as many as thousands of sensing elements. Each capacitive sensing element is converted to a digital output and transmitted live to Chameleon. These digital values are then converted to physical units of pressure such as PSI or kPa and are spatially organized to represent the actual sensor geometry. You can then select specific sensors to view, or view them as a whole and display them in 2D or 3D maps.

Working With Multiple Displays (1).gif


Effectively visualize your data

Your tactile sensor output can be visualized in 2D pseudo-color mapping (pressure mapping) or in a 3D bar or mesh graph plot that provides information on contact pressures spatially. In sensors for a small number of sensing elements (approximately a dozen), you can visualize each of the elements in a time trace plot that provides a history of the pressures over time.  In instances of a high number of sensing elements (hundreds or thousands), you can plot peak, average or minimum pressure values, or sometimes force and contact area, in addition to pressure mapping.

Using Synchronized Video (1).gif

Analysis and Data Export

Quickly access important data points and export for further analysis

Chameleon’s analysis capabilities include peak pressure, centroid, contact area and force calculations, though its primary purpose is to collect tactile data from the sensor electronics and visually display them for the user. Ability to export all or a portion of the data collected as a text file is standard for more detailed analysis through programs such as Matlab and Excel. You can also export the data into a video recording, and screenshots can be easily copied and pasted into images or presentations.

Synchronized Video

View your experiment in action beside your sensor data

Video record your experiment so that the pressure mapping can be correlated to what generated it. To note specific events or time, a double click on the line trace opens the annotation box where you can record specific events and times within your data set.